A/c repair, replacement, Precision tune-up & air quality

Air Conditioning and Heating Repair


Our qualified professional service  specialist will provide you with a complete  diagnosis and repair options for your system.  Offering free service charge with repair and 24/7 emergency service.

Air Conditioning and Heating Replacement


Call today for your free estimate, you will experience fast, friendly and  a professional qualified installation team at an affordable price.  Financing options available.

Precision Tune-Up


Replacing your system could cost thousands! Doesn't make sense to protect your system with A&R's precision tune-up service?

summer special $49.99

Indoor Air Quality


Improve your air quality! Problems or concerns? Odors? Allergies? AC components clogged with bio-growth?Airborne mold? Algae growth?

 A&R Air Solutions offers real solutions!